Emerson Visual Arts


The aim of the course is to help students discover their creative capacities in visual arts and sculpture.


We provide students the space, in which their own impulses in art can develop and clarify, helping them to find their way of working with art in the world, individually or together with others.



Why Art Now? - Visual Arts, Emerson College UK


This film was inspired by the wish to give something back - in gratitude for receiving a truly enriching experience by learning and living at Emerson College (East Sussex, England). In 2013, through the artistic collaboration between the students training at Emerson Visual Arts and Sculpture School, this film was brought to life.



The Courses


The Visual Arts Year

The 3 year Scuplture Training

The Foundation Year in Anthroposophy through Visual Art

Short Courses



About the Training

The aim of the course is to help students discover their creative capacities in visual arts and sculpture.The School of Sculpture offers a complete three-year training that includes clay modelling, wood and stone carving, metalwork, casting techniques, drawing and colour work.

Different directions of work have been developed in the course: Art and Education, Introduction to Art Therapy, Art and Social Questions, Art as Art, The Foundations of Anthroposophy through Art, etc.


Students who graduated from the course have developed artistic work in many fields of activity such as: creation of children playgrounds, work with detainees in prison, remedial art work with children in need of help, sculpture in public places, teaching sculpture in schools and adult education, work with sculpture and water, sculpture therapy, design, art and the newborn, etc.


The students from our training have taken this work all around the world in countries as far as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Israel, Iceland, USA, Chile and all around Europe. Many new tasks, specific to the situation they found in their places of work and country, have been discovered and developed.


The background of the training has been and continues to be the inspiring source of Rudolf Steiner’s work, Anthroposophy.


The involvement with Art and Anthroposophy, opens the doors of creativity and can help us to find new and meaningful ways of dealing with the creative challenges of our time.


Emerson Visual arts course takes place at Emerson College, which is an international centre for transformational learning based on Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. Students of all ages, and from all over the world, come to join this innovative learning community.






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