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New air route connects Sanya with Saint Petersburg

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2018-12-05

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The first batch of passengers taking a direct flight from Saint Petersburg to Sanya land in Hainan province on Dec 4. [Photo by Wu Wei and Tang Lu/Hainan Daily]

The maiden flight between Sanya in Hainan province and Saint Petersburg in Russia smoothly landed at Sanya Phoenix International Airport at 3 am on Dec 4. 

It is the 13th international air route that has been added this year in Sanya and the 18th direct one linking the airport with Russian-speaking regions. 


The air crew of the maiden flight between Sanya and Saint Petersburg take a photo to commemorate the moment. [Photo/people.cn]  

The flight has 11 first-class cabins and 360 economy-class seats. It departs Saint Petersburg at 4:05 pm Beijing time every Monday and takes off in Sanya to the Russian city at 4:30 am local time every Tuesday. The total round trip time is 21 hours. 

Russia IrAero Airline, the operator, will add and open flights from Sanya to Russian cities including Moscow, Kemerovo and Kazan to further expand Sanya's international aviation market and enhance Hainan's international level of tourism. 

To date, Sanya has opened air routes to 36 overseas cities in 15 countries and regions. 


Russian tourists stand in a check-in queue at Sanya Phoenix International Airport. [Photo/people.cn]      

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