Emerson Visual Arts

Foundation Year in Anthroposophy

through the Visual Arts

September - June

This course is now fully integrated with the Visual Arts year. It is a course for those who feel the need to study and discover anthroposophy through the door of creativity and the arts. Students participate full-time in the Visual Arts programme which now includes study groups, lectures, tutorials.

The relationship of artistic work and study creates a lively environment, where anthroposophy can be met in a free and individual way.

Artistic activity arises out of our feelings and heart forces. Rudolf Steiner describes Anthroposophy as a path of knowledge, which arises out of these same sources:

“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the universe. It arises in the human being as a need of the heart, of the life of feeling; and it can be justified only in as much as it can satisfy this inner need.”

The course can serve as:

A year of self-discovery and development, in the light of anthroposophy and the arts.

A foundation year for Waldorf teacher trainings or other professional trainings.

A time for healing from the stress of modern life and for building up a secure, inner creative ground.

A year to discover the creative forces in nature through art.