Emerson Visual Arts


Visual Arts

September - June

Course Carrier: Rudolf Kaesbach

The Visual Arts is a year of intense artistic exploration to rediscover creativity, awaken imaginative capacities and develop new ways of seeing the world. We will search to uncover the essential elements of each art form, through experiencing what lives in the three-dimensional world of sculpture, the two-dimensional world of colour and the play of line and tone in drawing. This will enable us to find a secure ground for our own individual creativity and enliven our appreciation of nature, earlier cultures and the art of today.


The course provides a balanced programme of clay modelling, painting, drawing, wood and stone carving, history of art, Goethean observation, study groups and eurythmy.


The course is open to anyone, with or without artistic experience. Some familiarity with the work of Rudolf Steiner would be an advantage but is not required.


The Visual Arts year can be the first year of the complete sculpture training, which leads to professional artisitic work.


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The Visual Arts course is a Crossfields Institute* Self-Regulated Qualification (SRQ). It is designed, delivered and awarded to the same quality standards as a regulated qualification, but is not regulated by Ofqual. It is equivalent to undergraduate year 1.

*Crossfields Institute Institute is an Awarding Organisation and Higher Education Institute (HEI) specialising in holistic and integrative education. Crossfields Institute promotes education that recognises and serves the potential of each individual. As such, it develops specialised qualifications which, through the integration of knowledge, intellectual challenge and practical skills, aim to facilitate the holistic development of learners.


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The following modules within the Visual Arts/ Sculpture course may be taken independently from the full year programme.

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Term 1: Visual Arts - September - December.

This term can be taken independently. Full time or mornings only


Other short courses include:


Colour/Painting Work: With Martin Gutjahr