Xiaogang villager recalls life-changing moments   VIDEO

In this special video coverage, Yan Jinchang, 75, one of those pioneers 40 years ago, shares his story on how that decision changed his life.
  • Inheritors keeping Shandong's traditional culture alive
  • Sculpture event brings out love for Pingyao
  • Starting a business in China
  • Network members wield influence in cyberspace
  • Broadcast of creation by Swiss sculptor Raphael Hefti
Drone and Phone
  • On the field
  • Kashgar's rapper
  • It takes pluck to fight sadness
  • A district mayor's ambition
  • Going with the flow
Girl City
  • Cultural implications behind the revival of Confucianism
  • 2017 World Book Day special
  • Finite reality and infinite entertainment
  • Shakespeare is for all time
  • 'Fan economy' drives China's film market
Tech China
  • iAsk: Errors in the online ride-hailing business?
  • iAsk: Was it the best choice to leave Alibaba?
  • Ask : Who was trying to “hunt you down” this year?
  • iAsk : You Sold Robust to Become an Investor?
  • iAsk: How Did A Mother Become the Queen of Online Photography?
Ultimate Challenge
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Ask : Who was trying to “hunt you down” this year?  VIDEO
Fu Sheng really admires cheetahs for their swift movements, rapid attacks, and the decisiveness to give things up. Therefore, he named his company Cheetah Mobile and embeds cheetahs’ genes into every strategic move of the company. In its 8 years of history, Cheetah Mobile pivoted three times, from PC to mobile internet, from China to overseas, from tools to content creation to “All in” on AI.
China's food basket goes global  VIDEO
As China’s living standards have continued to improve, the demand for imported food has also grown in popularity. The country’s total food imports grew by an average of 5.7% per year over the past five years.
China brings important experience to bridging internet divide  VIDEO
China’s unique experience dealing with the digital divide is important to the world, as the country has been?successful in promoting internet for?less-developed areas and can bring that insight?to other countries and economies, said Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation this Wednesday during an interview with China Daily at the ongoing Fifth World Internet Conference.
Nigerian official ‘impressed’ by WIC  VIDEO
He said as an attendee?he was impressed by the event’s organization and was excited by the opportunities brought by the gathering?of global leaders and policymakers from all over the world.
CIIE gathers consensus on globalization  VIDEO
The China International Import Expo in Shanghai is not only introducing companies from all over the world to potential buyers, but also strengthening worldwide consensus on championing free trade and economic globalization.