Easy Talk

Cultural implications behind the revival of Confucianism   VIDEO

We talk to Stephen C. Angle, an American Confucian and professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University.
By  Hu Zhe   Jun.12,2017
B&R deepens cultural exchanges between China and Lithuania  VIDEO
Liana Ruokyt?-Jonsson, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, attended the exhibition, and shares some of her thoughts on issues over cultural exchanges between China and Lithuania, and deeper implications for the cultural cooperation between the two countries regarding the Belt and Road Initiative China is now putting forward.
By  Hu Zhe   Jun.02,2017
Cultural implications behind the revival of Confucianism  VIDEO
We talk to Stephen C. Angle, an American Confucian and professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University.
By  Hu Zhe   Apr.21,2017
2017 World Book Day special  VIDEO
World Book Day is not only a day to celebrate the delight of reading but also a day to ponder over the many interesting facets of the activity.
By  Hu Zhe   Apr.05,2017
Finite reality and infinite entertainment  VIDEO
Rick Garson is a seasoned innovator in entertainment. But he turned his eye to China after producing the Beijing Olympics' "Divas in Beijing" concert TV series in 2008.
By  Hu Zhe   Mar.08,2017
What's next for Chinese theater?  VIDEO
As a high-achiever in the entertainment industry, Zhong Lifang once said: "No matter what I do, I want to be a front-runner”.
By  Hu Zhe   Mar.03,2017
Shakespeare is for all time  VIDEO
We’re talking to Nick Marchand, arts director of the British Council China, who is also responsible for the ‘Shakespeare Lives’ arts program.
By  Hu Zhe   Mar.03,2017
Forbidden City less forbidden in foreign eyes  VIDEO
To foreigners, whose interpretation of Chinese culture is inextricably interwoven with their innate cultural gene, what do they think about all the innovative endeavors the Palace Museum has taken?
By  Hu Zhe   Feb.23,2017
'Fan economy' drives China's film market  VIDEO
We talk to one industry insider who will fill us in on what's going on behind the scenes and how this fast growing industry continues to boom.
By  Hu Zhe   Feb.16,2017
Palace Museum glow through creativity  VIDEO
How a modern-day museum can reposition itself to be more culturally-relatable to the general public.
By  Hu Zhe   Feb.09,2017
Gaming sector most vibrant in new entertainment scene  VIDEO
We speak to Xiao Hong, CEO of Perfect World, a leading Chinese video game and movie conglomerate.
By  Hu Zhe   Feb.02,2017
Advocating environment protection through storytelling  VIDEO
Michael J Jordan's strategic advocacy has ranged from raising awareness of HIV orphans in Africa to environmental protection in China.
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