China Daily

Retail visionary

Starting with just one store, this determined CEO now heads a consumer goods empire in Myanmar.

24 December, 2018

Roads well traveled

Myanmar driver-turned-tycoon cites honesty and integrity as keys to building business and international partnerships.

17 December, 2018

Sparkling future

?Deputy CEO of Vietnam’s top beverage firm learned the ropes on shoulders of giants, her entrepreneur parents.

10 December, 2018

Search advertising takes center stage

?Digital marketing veteran Willy Yang Jiongwei is very much with the trend in the industry. He tells Edith Lu what his company is doing could give the likes of Google a run for their money.

04 January, 2019

‘Darling brand’ on the celebrity trail

Luxury hotelier Jumeirah is in the midst of a global drive to boost its branding. CEO Jose Silva tells Sophie He that the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong are fantastic markets the Dubai group will never leave out.

07 December, 2018

A sporty gene to drive the luxury dream

Porsche China is riding high on China’s rising nouveau riche to fuel the top-end automaker’s growth. CEO Jens Puttfarcken tells Dai Kaiyi a vital company strategy is to lift innovation and cement customer loyalty.

30 November, 2018
  • Vanguardian Angel

    Innovative Dutch designer Iris van Herpen continues to explore what tomorrow’s fashion may look like

  • Window of Desire

    Glitter, shimmer and be gilded with these covetable accessories for party season


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